Generate Hot Leads & Drive Sales on Linkedin

In Leads is the most robust, fully managed marketing platform for Linkedin. We have completely redefined the way your business connects and builds relationships with your prospects allowing you to drive more sales and repeat business



This is what In Leads can do for you

Generate Hot Leads

We generate your business hot leads globally by using a blend of Artificial Intelligent Software mixed with an experienced marketing team

Grow Your Network

We grow your professional network with quality, targeted prospects giving you a more refined outreach with new potential opportunities

Target Your Perfect Customers

Our AI Software was designed to find and engage with the right people that are in the market for your product/services at the right time.

Build Relationships

We build relationships and engage prospects on your behalf to the point of interest in your product/services making them hot and ready for closing

Brand Awareness

We pride ourselves on the quality of the network, relationships and opportunities we deliver, As a Side effect, this builds better brand awareness

Drive Sales

Our service was designed to deliver ready to close leads. Despite our volume of work, we believe that quality is more important that quantity.

A time-tested and proven process

We don't automate
We accelerate

Our 4 step process ensures network quality and super refined targeting.

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Fully Managed

In Leads is a fully managed service, so you can sit back and enjoy your Lead Gen on Autopilot

Your In Control

You can start, stop and change your campaigns at any time without any fuss.

Your Protected

Our service was designed within Linkedins framework, fair use and Network quality guidelines.


Partner With In Leads

Work with a one of a kind service that is always useful, that people always want, and that will never go out of style.

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More than automation

We use a blend of Artificial Intelligence and a real marketing team In house. This allows us to deliver more personal and relevent campaigns while keeping our prospecting extremely targeted in turn producing higher quality results without compromising your credibility

Artificial Intelligence

Or AI based software was built in house and is 100% exclusive to us. This allows us to to produce extremely targeted results in short periods of time without compromising your credibility or linked-in account.


A real Marketing Team

Our in house marketing team with over 15 years experience are there 24 hours a day to run, Optimise and maintain your campaigns. As a client you are assigned a campaign manager who will oversee your campaigns and be your point of contact throughout your time with us


We keep you safe

Our service was designed within Linkedin's framework ensuring your account is always safe. Our software was built compliant with Linkedin's fair use policy and network quality guidelines


Something that would have taken us roughly a year, In Leads achieved in 3 months. Very impressed!

— Matthew G, CEO

An excellent service, Was sceptical at first but it worked out great. In Leads are definitely one of a kind.

— Angela A, Sales Director

A big thanks to the team at in Leads for helping us grow our network & increase sales

— Navi Q, Social Media Manager

Finally, a system that actually works!! 100% Recommended!

— Luke R, Managing Director

I wish i knew about this sooner, We was paying 10x the price for an agency to do our LinkedIn Marketing and not getting the results we get here

— Justin C, Sales Director

Amazing! This is the real deal. Excellent customer service and fast results.

— Carrel S, Marketing Director

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  • Build relationships with personal, non intrusive outreach
  • You set the rules, We do the work
  • No Contracts, No hidden Fees, No Fuss.
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